Marketing & Communications Specialist – Sustainability Solutions Group – Vancouver, BC

The Marketing and Communications Specialist (“MarCom Specialist”) will support SSG by marketing our services and telling stories about our climate action work through our website, social media platforms, and news and trade media. The MarCom Specialist will play a critical role in disseminating climate action insights and positioning SSG as a thought leader in climate action planning, primarily to local government target audiences.
In addition to researching and writing content, the MarCom Specialist will edit content written by other members of SSG and support our clients’ efforts to raise awareness of their climate action work (e.g., press releases, developing key messages, climate action plan launch events, etc.) The MarCom Specialist will also contribute to the development of short- and long-term marketing strategies for SSG. The MarCom Specialist will work within SSG’s MarCom Team, which consists of 4 people.

1. Co-create marketing and communications content and publishing/dissemination strategies regarding SSG and our projects
The MarCom Specialist will develop blogs, newsletters, press releases, opinion pieces, and other content about SSG and our projects. This will include:
Brainstorming and pitching content ideas,
Preparing a content strategy and schedule,
Identifying publications and pitching our content to them,
Interviewing SSG staff and others (e.g., municipal staff) to gather content,
Reviewing project reports for key messages and insights to communicate,
Analyzing information gathered from interviews and research for potential use in communications,
Producing and updating SSG website content, and
Drafting MarCom content for publication and dissemination.
In some cases, the MarCom Specialist may ghostwrite content on behalf of other SSG staff.
2. Social media management and strategy
The MarCom Specialist will oversee the social media strategy, focusing on LinkedIn to reach key target audiences. The MarCom Specialist will work closely with the Marketing and Communications leads on the strategic side for this task, but is expected to be self-sufficient in its implementation. Tasks will include:
Generating enthusiasm about our work and achievements through social media,
Analyzing and developing strategies for reaching key audiences and metrics to track success,
Using social media to build target audiences and increase engagement with our work, and
Creating a realistic and consistent posting plan with a specific number of posts per social media platform per week. 0
3. Support marketing strategy development
The MarCom Specialist will support the MarCom Team with the development of annual and quarterly marketing and communications strategies.
4. Other communications support
The MarCom Specialist will also support other communications tasks as required. These may include:
Supporting clients with the coordination, production, and dissemination of project-related content, such as content related to new climate action plans and research,
Preparing content and communications plans for conferences,
Representing SSG at conferences, and
Copyediting project reports.

Successful candidates will have the following qualifications and attributes:
Excellent writing and storytelling skills
Excellent communications skills
Experience with writing blogs, newsletters, thought pieces, and/or press releases
Experience creating social media content
Ability to develop and implement marketing and/or communications strategies
Creativity and ability to think outside the box (a sense of humour doesn’t hurt either)
A high degree of self-motivation
Comfortability with working virtually
A high degree of competency in individual and team working arrangements
Flexibility to adapt to different levels of workloads and schedules
Familiarity with and/or enthusiasm for worker co-operatives
Ability to work in a non-hierarchical environment
The following qualifications and attributes are considered assets but are not requirements for successful candidates:
Familiarity with climate action planning
Experience with updating and publishing content on web platforms such as WordPress
Experience working in public relations, including producing press releases, pitching story ideas to news and trade media, and placing stories
Experience analyzing metrics to improve communications and/or marketing content
Experience with graphic design, photography, and/or video production
Experience with SEO
Interest in attending conferences on behalf of SSG
SSG’s primary software tools include Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Adobe (Acrobat DC, InDesign), Slack, Zoom, Wrike, and Zotero. Previous knowledge of these tools is not necessarily required and can be taught on the job.

SSG workers are paid according to a salary scale that factors in years of professional experience relevant to their position, as well as years worked at SSG. The salary scale applies equally to all workers, regardless of their position in the organization. The salary range for 2022 is The salary range for 2022 is $60,300 -$76,000 for non-members and $62,900-$81,800* for members. SSG targets an additional 15% base salary top-up at the end of the year, for all workers past their probationary period, when finances allow.
SSG offers its Canadian workers a group benefits package, which includes health, dental, and vision. Workers in the US and Chile are offered equivalent health coverage or a stipend so that they can seek their own coverage.
SSG also offers flexible holiday pay, two weeks of health & family care leave, 3 weeks of paid vacation, and a stipend for professional development.
* Amounts are in Canadian dollars. For US-based employees, SSG will convert these ranges to US dollars. SSG’s Chilean payscale is not yet in place. We expect it to be in place by the time we conduct interviews for these roles.

SSG has a relatively flat staff structure and payscale. Climate change and social justice values are embedded throughout our organization and work. SSG is a distributed organization with staff in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Texas, and Chile.
The Consultant will work from home or a shared office with occasional out of town travel for work. Applicants from outside of Canada, the US, and Chile are welcome to apply, however, they must be eligible to work in those countries. Our typical work hours fall within the Pacific, Eastern, and Atlantic time zones. All candidates must also be available during these hours (9 AM – 5 PM) in one of these time zones. Extensive work at a computer is required. SSG offers flexible work hours. Occasional overtime may be required.

If interested, please email a resume to the hiring team at ?, no later than ?midnight Pacific Time on? July 3, 2022.