Bilingual Environmental & Climate Education Manager – EcoNova Education

Presentation of the Company
EcoNova Education is a Federal not for profit organization that operates in the field of education by promoting Environmental and Climate literacy for youth and their educators. Our mission is to educate about the environment and climate change through the popularization of up-to-date science, providing tools and paths to informed decisions, actions and behavioural changes for now and for the future.
EcoNova Education has taken different paths to achieve this goal:
We design environmental programs for schools and school districts in which we create school projects and scientific experiments to be conducted in the classroom or at home. We provide teachers with pedagogical material and schools with workshops.
We also create and hold creative and scientific contests.
We offer training and ecological projects for secondary students and professionals.
We design and build urban agriculture assets such as hydroponic and aquaponic installations, greenhouses, and gardens to be used as learning tools and productive purposes.
To always innovate, improve and reinforce the pedagogy, as well as to deliver quality contents and manage a crew of workshop facilitators in British-Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, EcoNova Education is seeking a Bilingual Environmental Educator Manager to join our team.
We work with francophone schools’ districts across Canada, immersion schools and anglophones schools’ districts, the ideal candidate is perfectly bilingual in French and English.
The selected person will be a committed, positive person with a passion for education but also for environmental and climate related challenges. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable, experimented in teaching, conducting workshops and with at least one experience in coordinating or managing a team.

Presentation of the position
EcoNova Education seeks an energetic, dedicated, creative and passionate Educator to lead and complement the environmental and climate educator. The Environmental and Climate Educator Manager will review and adapt workshops for elementary and secondary students, as well as lead the design of new workshops with the help of a team of facilitators.
The Environmental and Climate Educator Manager must be knowledgeable in a range of relevent scientific disciplines and knowledgeable in teaching and familiar with Canada’s province curriculums. Her/his role will consist in creating new activities or workshops, reviewing activities and workshops, creating and reviewing lesson plans and bringing new pedagogical perspectives and ways to deliver a message to the young students. The Environmental and Climate Manager will be responsible for training and guiding facilitators in their work. At EcoNova Education, we believe that education should be fun, hands-on and bring everyone to the conversation. All our activities are impactful and a fun way to learn.
The Environmental and Climate Educator Manager will be responsible for delivering in-person sessions in multiple locations (around BC) and/or online along with the facilitator’s team. Leadership, adaptability, and maturity are key as well as being able to make a positive and empathetic connection with facilitator and students (K to G12).
The Educator will run sessions as a main facilitator or co-facilitator and provide a fun learning experience for school-aged children in a safe environment. A high level of integrity and professionalism is required to deal with professionals inside and outside the company (teachers, principals, parents, etc).
This position will require working across different cultures to deliver workshops in both the English and French communities.

Key Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):
Leading, training and guiding a team of facilitators (2-4 persons)
Creating and implementing creative and engaging educational content (activities/workshops) according to Canadian curriculum standards
Being able to assess and record workshops success in terms of student’s learning experience and performance
Providing advice and feedback to facilitators to improve productivity, delivery, and overall tone
Identifying external educational resources (such as books, digital materials, and academic papers etc.) to facilitate facilitators and ultimately student’s learning
Continuously improve workshops curriculum, outlines, and procedures
Outstanding verbal and written communication skills in both English and French
Planning, directing, and overseeing the operations of the workshop and creation of content in general
Support and participate in other core activities or missions related to the mission of the organisation (events, communication, etc.)
Coordinating schedules for facilitators designed to optimize efficiency and workplace satisfaction
Able to create an environment built on respect, patience, empathy, and kindness
Delivering expertise and understanding of students’ psyche and behavior of all ages to provide individualized instructions and working closely with other team members to provide academic assistance and adapt to a variety of learning situations
Problem solving and customer service skills
Staying informed, keep up about changes and innovations in the field of environment, climate, and education
Capable of delivering and keeping student attention during a 60 to 120 min workshop in person or online
COVID-19 precaution(s):
Social distancing guidelines in place
Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place
Mask required inside schools’ perimeter

Bachelor of education or equivalent (postgraduate or undergraduate accepted) – required
Bilingual in English and French – required
Recent contract teaching experience and/or student teaching experience – required
Experience or proven experience in leadership or coordinating a small team
Proficiency in navigating Zoom
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Canva
Ability to navigate iPad and laptop applications independently
Eligible to legally work in Canada
Prior teaching experience or equivalent in education
Ability to teach in an engaging and inspiring learning atmosphere
A love for teaching with children and teenagers
Proven ability to engage, motivate, and inspire students to learn
Proven ability to manage multiple tasks and be flexible
Flexibility and willingness to accommodate schedule to our calendar
Team player who enjoys creative collaboration and will work with colleagues to integrate programs and projects across disciplines

To apply for the position, please send a resume and a cover letter to
Please provide 3 Professional References-email and phone numbers.