Carpenter- Impact Construction

Job brief
We are a small company looking for a skilled Carpenter/Tradesperson to carry out various carpentry work in renovations and new construction, as well as maintenance on homes. Your job will entail working in diverse settings to produce high quality end products for our clients.
A carpenter is an individual with great hand dexterity and an eye for detail. The ideal candidate will also have good knowledge of wood properties and other carpentry materials (siding, flooring, doors, etc). Working with minimal supervision while following all health and safety standards is essential.
This is a seasonal business; shorter hours in the winter, longer hours in the summer. The ability to work overtime hours during peak season is essential. Typical hours are 8-10hrs/day mon-fri with occasional weekends and out of town jobs.
Starting wages range from $22-$30 depending on skillset, attitude and productivity.
Some of the benefits of working at Impact Construction include:
Positive and friendly work environment
2 weeks christmas/new years holiday (we are closed)
Great opportunity to expand your skill set
2 weeks vacation or optional payout
Great work hours, minimal weekends

Reading blueprints and designs to work to specifications prepared by other construction professionals, architects and building code recommendations
Liaising with clients, suppliers and other construction professionals on the job site
Take measurements and calculate the size and amount of material needed
Cut, shape and smooth lumber and other material (e.g. drywall) according to measurements
Frame windows, doors, staircases and roofs by using raw materials or pre-constructed items
Carry out demolition work in a safe manner
Inspect places and conduct repairs or maintenance
Build(assemble) steel scaffolding and other construction structures such as ladder jack & planks, pump jacks, etc.
Conduct all work in a controlled manner and with a positive attitude.
Learn from others and share your knowledge. We are team players.

Experience as carpenter
Minimum G2 drivers license
CPIC check
Working at heights training
Must have a smart phone with data to access required apps
Must have basic computer skills to use required apps
Having a vehicle is an asset, bonus if you are willing to use it to move equipment, materials
Hands-on experience in working with building materials(lumber, drywall, vinyl siding, etc)
Good understanding of carpentry techniques and methods of installation and construction
Proficient in using electrical and manual equipment and measurement tools (powered saws, grinders, hammers, measuring tools etc.)
Ability to read technical documents and drawings
Willingness to follow safety guidelines at all times
Good knowledge of English (Fluent in both english and french is preferred)
Good understanding of basic math trigonometry
Good physical condition, health and endurance
High school diploma; Successful completion of a carpentry apprenticeship program is an asset.
Good attitude at all times and a team player

Apply by email to:
We will contact you to set up an interview.