Coordinator – Climate Reality Project – Québec

Position Description:
The Coordinator oversees all of the Sortons la Caisse’s operations and related projects in order to nurture their success and to ensure their impact, while aligning with the coalition’s overarching objectives.

Planification and coordination
Create a detailed timeline that meets the objectives of the coalition;
Manage and organize the common Drive folder;
Provide a weekly update to partners on the progress in organizing our campaigns;
Coordinate and organize one monthly follow-up meeting with the members of the coalition.
Research, collaborations and communications
Research what divestment entails in various sectors;
Maintain a constant and collaborative dialogue with key staff in the investment and risk evaluation teams, the governance team and top management inside CDPQ;
Reach out to organizations, institutions, and citizen-led movements to offer training opportunities, create partnerships and amplify their advocacy work on divestment;
Develop meaningful partnerships with key stakeholders in the private and financial sectors to share our work with and mobilize them in divesting their assets;
Coordinate the research, peer review and publication of our annual report;
Organize a schedule of meaningful government relations with the government in office and oppositions at the National Assembly of Québec;
Liaise with Pension divestment organizations in Toronto and Vancouver;
Liaise with various media to ensure more visibility to our work;
Managean active presence online, by sharing divestment content through the year on social media;
Represent the coalition in various campaigning groups and movements;
Prepare quarterly reports and any other required documentation on the coalition’s operations;
Support funding request applications.

Education & Experience:
Minimum 3 years’ experience in campaign coordination or a similar outreach, community engagement, network management or relationship building type role for an environmental or community organization, preferably in climate finance or fossil fuels related issues.
Undergraduate degree in Environment, Political Science, Law, Economy, or related fields preferred.
Strong coordination experience required.
Communications skills and media work experience.
Experience working with the finance sector and pension funds.

Skills & Qualifications:
A passion for, and knowledge of, climate change science and solutions is required.
A special interest in the history and evolution of the CDPQ and Québec public and union pension funds;
Knowledge of Québec political and environmental movement landscape;
A deep understanding of the imperatives related to ending fossil fuel exploration and expansion and supply-side campaigns.
Fully bilingual in French and English; strong written and spoken skills in both languages.
Outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills.
Able to communicate professionally and effectively with people from all paths of life.
Excellent problem-solving ability.
Results-oriented mindset.
Very well-organized and detail-oriented.
Demonstrated experience with Microsoft Office, adept at Word processing, use of Excel spreadsheets, Google suite, Airtable, data management, email software, web browsers.

Send your resume and cover letter before 9am (EDT) on Tuesday June 7th, 2022 to André-Yanne Parent (she/her), Executive director at: .