Editor-in-Chief – The Starfish Canada

The Starfish Canada is a registered charity that celebrates young environmental leaders by connecting them with a platform for storytelling and a community of change-makers. Since 2010, we have inspired young Canadians to take leadership roles in their communities and to celebrate their peers contributing to the environmentalism movement.

We do this through three programs:
Our peer-to-peer program matches editors with writers. Editors are trained to coach and mentor peers in environment & journalism, then practice learnings by empowering a team of volunteer writers. Those writers are also trained to take technical science, policy and research and turn it into accessible articles for our readers to enjoy.
We offer multiple workshops, including a debate-style session on the intersectionality of environmentalism, discussing climate change from Western-based science and traditional knowledge perspectives, and a speaker’s bureau where environmental change-makers under the age of 25 discuss their innovations and solutions.
Through our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 program, these participants receive an award, care packages from environmentally minded businesses, speaking engagement opportunities, media coverage and mentorship by our network of experts. Top 25 award winners leave our program feeling inspired and ready to tackle today’s biggest environmental challenges.

Role responsibilities
We are looking for a creative and passionate individual with editing chops to take our award-winning editorial program to the next level while leading SEO for our growing charity. Our Editor-In-Chief will work collaboratively with our Marketing and Editorial teams, leading the strategic development, planning and execution of how we show up with impactful content through our various channels of content and engagement.

Responsibilities include:
Providing direction on the style and type of content we aim to publish on our journal, which can include monthly themes and series around which to ask writers to ideate and create
Reviewing content to be published on our journal for grammar, style and SEO considerations
Creating a long-term engagement strategy for volunteer writers and editors
Developing resources and training materials to onboard and coach editorial team members

We welcome applications from individuals that do not meet all requirements.
Must be able to communicate in English (aptitude in French is an asset)
Ability to review creative content and ensure it reads on our website in a highly engaging fashion, which includes an understanding of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for online written content
Delivery of content that meets select goals based on predetermined key performance indicators (e.g. increased reach/engagement, decreased bounce rates, etc.)
Demonstrated ability and excellence in editing online content
Ability to provide SEO/SEM and Google Analytics analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements of our website and editorial content web pages
Provide recommendations and execute/manage strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific
Excellent communication skills between volunteers and community members in an online space
Able to take leadership in their role and collaborate and connect with team members virtually as they work from home
Are a domestic student at a post-secondary institution (due to funding requirements, this is not essential if you self-identify as BIPOC).
Mentorship opportunities
A supervisor will be available to guide the manager’s work and clarify any questions regarding their work. One on one meetings with a supervisor will be scheduled to discuss material, tasks and conflicts.
Health and safety are important to our organization. There will be check-in meetings on a weekly basis with a mentor about their work environment and help address any conflicts that may arise through their work or with their supervisors.

Application information
To apply for this position, please email hello@thestarfish.ca with:
A copy of your resume
A one-pager with 5 article ideas or topics for our journal along with a few sentences about why you believe it is relevant and the ‘angle’ or argument you would pursue (you are not expected to draft any articles)
The application process may consist of interviews and small written assignments that test your ability to create SEO-driven content.
We encourage all people interested in the role that meet the above requirements to apply, including youth, women, LGBTQ2+ individuals, and Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. We also encourage you to contact us at the email address above if you require accommodations during the application process.