Executive Director – GreenUP

Position Background:
GreenUP seeks a dynamic Executive Director to lead our organization to new successes. GreenUP has incredible and experienced staff, a diverse and engaged board, and a very strong internal structure. Our success as an organization is a function of our strength as a team, and we are investing in cultivating a safe and compassionate workplace that celebrates the deep investment staff and board have for their work.
The Executive Director must be a team-oriented, innovative, inclusive, and collaborative leader who can continue to engage and inspire all stakeholders: staff, board members, partners, volunteers, and members of our community. Building upon an outstanding legacy of environmental programming, they will sustain and expand our work, and position GreenUP to meet the critical challenges and opportunities of the climate crisis.

Professional Attributes:
Strategic thinker, long-term planner, and action-oriented change maker
Proven ability to develop multiple revenue streams, including grant funds and service delivery agreements
Relationship builder with experience engaging a variety of stakeholders
Committed to environmental and social justice with a passion for equitable and fair progress
Knowledge of best practices in human resources, employee relations, and NGO management
Effective, sincere, and clear communicator

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Program and Grant Development & Oversight (25%)
Secure funding for the operation of the organization, including the continuation of current programs and the development of new activities and services in collaboration with senior staff
Provide key oversight and management support to staff and contractors to ensure ongoing success
2. Financial Sustainability & Management (20%)
Develop and manage business, social enterprise, and fee-for-service opportunities to diversify our funding streams and maintain a sustainable business model
Collaborate with the Director of Finance in budget preparations, ongoing financial reviews, annual financial audit and required corporate reporting
3. Human Resources (15%)
Foster effective teamwork and communication at all staff levels and maintain our positive culture
In conjunction with Program Directors, HR Committee, and Board, oversee HR management functions
4. Strategy and Governance (15%)
Work with the Board of Directors and staff on strategic planning according to an established schedule
Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the organization’s programs and services in accordance with the strategic plan
Report to, and support, the Board of Directors and committees based on established goals and practices
5. Partner and Donor Relations & Communications (10%)
Foster new and existing relationships with funders, donors, municipalities, government agencies, and partner organizations to sustain and increase the impact of our programs
Support the Communications Manager in implementing the communications strategy
6. Leadership and Advocacy (10%)
Work with all levels of government and political parties to further GreenUP’s work
Act as a spokesperson for the organization and continue to strengthen its distinct voice as a local ENGO
7. Risk Management (5%)
Ensure compliance to minimum standards in accordance with government legislation, regulations, and guidelines pertinent to the organization’s role as an employer and nonprofit agency
Take direction from the Board of Directors on issues with signicant liability and/or impact on the organization

Five or more years experience in a senior or director-level position managing both programs and staff, preferrably within the Canadian environmental sector working on community-based climate action
A post-secondary degree in a related environmental field
A collaborative working style, strong interpersonal skills, and enthusiasm for building bridges between and among key stakeholders
Proven multi-year track record of revenue development success
Knowledge of the requirements of federal and provincial legislation applicable to Canadian charities
For full job description and primer, visit: https://www.greenup.on.ca/who-we-are/employment

How to Apply:
Qualied candidates are invited to submit the following materials in a single PDF le to finance@greenup.on.ca with the subject line “Executive Director” by the deadline of June 28th, 2021, 5pm ET.
Cover letter: no more than 2 pages
Resume: no more than 2 pages