Food Cycle Specialist (Compost Manager) – Green Thumbs Growing Kids

About Us:
Green Thumbs Growing Kids’ mission is to cultivate environmental stewardship through hands-on garden and food education for urban children and their communities. The programs take place during the school day and after school/summertime, with a variety of age groups. The successful candidate will have experience with children and/or youth, and a working knowledge of greenhouse and garden tasks related to food production. Soil science and composting knowledge, as well as an ability to teach these concepts, are highly valued for this position. Bicycle/trailer an asset.
Our evolving vision for the school gardens is a Food Forest, feeding humans and other life forms. The teaching spaces are to include tree nurseries, pollinator patches, edible and medicinal plants, pathways that are distinguished from beds by the use of woodchip mulch, and signage where appropriate. In winter, the Urban Agriculture Specialist will concentrate on composting, lesson plans, and online/indoor classroom programs. This position is intended to approach climate change education in a hands-on, age appropriate fashion, by teaching soil health = plant health = human health = planetary health. There will be opportunities for professional development.

Description of Duties:
The successful candidate will understand the basic chemistry/biology of composting food and agricultural waste, to create a usable product in the horticulture/agriculture trade. Aerobic-style composting is an efficient and effective waste management system for urban agriculture. Our company practices urban agriculture on school grounds, helping to demonstrate best practices to the community and help students access experiences and information relating to same. While we practice aerobic-style composting, the successful candidate will also learn about Toronto’s exemplary waste management through anerobic digestion, and its place in horticulture. This is related to the contribution of food waste to global warming and climate change, and demonstrates a household-level intervention.
In addition, the successful candidate will manage multiple worm bins and help to introduce them into classrooms, also troubleshooting if necessary. Most of this job will be done outdoors in all weather. However, we do have an office and worm castle there too so you can come in out of the cold and still do your job!

to, by November 15, with your cover letter and resume in one document please.