Newcomer Youth Green Economy Project – Toronto and Region – Toronto

Program Description:
The Newcomer Youth Green Economy Project is a free program offered by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for youth aged 18-29 interested in learning more about green careers, making industry connections, receiving career mentoring, and participating in a real world project to add to their resume!
Throughout the five-month, part-time program, participants will have access to learning opportunities in a variety of environmental career pathways, including water management, environmental education, green energy / green building, and ecological restoration.

Program Components:
Experiential learning professional project placement
Job search and corporate culture training
Online training
Virtual and in-person field trips
Indigenous education workshops
Career Connections and community building
…and more!

How to Apply:
Visit our website at for more details about the program, or to apply today!
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Josephine Agueci (NYGEP Assistant Coordinator) at