Senior Climate Program Advisor – ABB , UAE

Job Information
The Senior Climate Program Advisor (Sr. Advisor) is located in Yellowknife and reports to the Manager, Climate Change and Air Quality (Manager). The Sr. Advisor leads and manages staff, contractors and working groups to develop, implement, and evaluate the 2030 NWT Climate Change Strategic Framework (CCSF) and associated action plans. The Sr. Advisor coordinates climate change policy development and the inclusion of climate change considerations in GNWT decision making.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) works to promote and support the sustainable use and development of natural resources and to protect, conserve and enhance the NWT environment for the social and economic benefit of all residents.
The Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Division (Division) coordinates climate change action in the GNWT, leads the implementation of the government’s Knowledge Agenda, coordinates ENR’s input into environmental assessment and regulatory processes, and fulfills ENR’s regulatory obligation to monitor air quality and cumulative environmental impacts. The division also works to protect and conserve land and water to support ecosystems and species diversity in the NWT.
The Sr. Advisor works within a legislative, regulatory and policy framework that includes the 2030 NWT Climate Change Strategic Framework (CCSF) and associated action plans,
The Sr. Advisor plays an important role in fulfilling the GNWT priority to strengthen its leadership and authority on climate change by leading a central agency support function in assisting the GNWT in reviewing, informing and coordinating input that ensures climate change impacts are adequately considered within GNWT decision making.
The Sr. Advisor is responsible for providing strategic planning advice and recommendations to meet climate change commitments identified through territorial, national and international agreements. The Advisor is responsible for developing overarching plans to inform GNWT efforts on climate change policy and legislation, and will recommend policies, programs and initiatives to respond to climate change commitments and emerging issues. The Advisor is responsible for keeping the Department updated on climate change issues, policies, and information by conducting e-scanning and developing briefing materials.
The Sr. Advisor is responsible for coordinating the development, tracking, reporting and evaluation of the CCSF and associated action plans including annual reporting as well as reporting on the NWT’s contributions to the Pan Canadian Framework. The position provides guidance and works closely with internal and external partners to ensure the successful implementation of the CCSF. The Advisor is responsible for identifying gaps in GNWT capacity and funding, and developing strategies to obtain the required resources and expertise to close the gaps, including coordinating GNWT funding requests to address climate change priorities.
The Sr. Advisor oversees and coordinates ongoing engagement processes to inform, support and advance efforts to respond to climate change in the NWT, inclusive of the NWT Climate Change Council and GNWT Climate Change Committees, and will at times be responsible for coordinating engagement and consultation sessions and activities; collaborating with various departments and agencies.
The Sr. Advisor demonstrates strong intrapersonal skills and diplomacy and can develop respectful working relationships with representatives from other GNWT departments, Indigenous governments and organizations, community governments, the federal government and other external partners. The Sr. Advisor supports pan-territorial cooperation, national and/or international committees and gatherings, and coordinates efforts to ensure NWT perspectives are represented on the national and international stage inclusive of promoting the GNWT’s position and challenges, and advocating to the federal government, and other governments and agencies, to take required action through resourcing and partnerships.
Work is performed under the general direction of the Manager. The Sr. Advisor has a significant amount of latitude provided that the policies, guidelines and interests of the GNWT are complied with. This latitude is tempered by the knowledge that errors in judgement can result in significant damage to the natural landscape, wildlife and human health and safety.

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by:
A graduate degree in a relevant discipline (social sciences, humanities, environmental sciences (chemistry, biology, or general environmental studies, public administration and planning) with at least four years of relevant work experience including two years of management experience OR a Bachelor’s Degree with six years of relevant experience and two years of management experience.

Assets include:
Relevant experience in an NWT setting with government, non-government organizations, and private industry.
Affirmative Action
Candidates must clearly identify their eligibility in order to receive priority consideration under the Affirmative Action Policy.
Criminal Records Check
Candidates must provide a satisfactory criminal record check. Failure to provide a satisfactory check may deem you disqualified from the competition.

Diversity and Inclusion
The Government of the Northwest Territories is an inclusive workplace. If you have a disability and you require support during the hiring process, you are encouraged to identify your needs if you are contacted for an assignment or interview so that you may be accommodated during the hiring process.

Eligibility lists may be created from this competition to fill future term and indeterminate positions.
Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered.
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Salary Information
The salary range for this position is from $52.22 per hour to $62.37 per hour (approximately $101,829 – $123,572.) plus an annual Northern Allowance of $3,700.

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