Senior Environment Officer – Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

The Senior Environment Officer will be part of an interdisciplinary team within the Treaty, Lands and Environment Department. The Officer will assist the First Nation in identifying environmental impacts of various projects, both internal and external, in the context of environmental assessment and the Duty to Consult. The Officer will assist the First Nation in developing and administering its own processes for best environmental practices including by-law, policy, or land code development, environmental monitoring and compliance.
This is not an entry-level position, so candidates will be required to have minimum post-secondary requirements; as any individual capacity and training will be focused in the context of a First Nation administration, project-team and multi-disciplinary context. It is therefore imperative that candidates be competent and must have effective communication skills, both oral and written. The candidate must be willing to do fieldwork on environmental projects with qualified contractors retained by the First Nation.

Consultation and Accommodation (50% of time)
Provide recommendations and assist in the implementation of the community’s consultation protocol for external proponents
Assist the Consultation Coordinator in determining environmental impacts of projects by reading technical reports, scoring projects, and providing written comments and recommendations using Band-developed templates
Understanding and ability to communicate typical environmental impacts of various types of projects and the medium/receiving environmental to be affected: landfill (air, soil, water) incinerator (air, soil, water)
Assist in reviewing, commenting and determining the different changes in federal and provincial legislation
Understanding of health effects of various types of projects/proposals from an environmental health perspective
Understanding and ability to communicate monitoring, compliance, and mitigation measure recommendations to assist the First Nation in advocacy
Attend and document meetings on behalf of the First Nation for projects that may be more immediate or significant to the First Nation to assist in understanding project or initiative impacts
Assisting the First Nation in communicating environmental impacts of projects (internal/external)
Engagement with federal and provincial officials on behalf of the First Nation on issues regarding environmental impacts of policy or projects
Environmental Management (25% of time)
Gather environmental by-laws, policies, codes and best practices from selected First Nations and from surrounding municipalities
Gather and collate all information from the First Nation and other sources to begin developing laws to protect drinking water, surface water, human health; and assisting in the development environmental management plans for farming lessees and ensuring compliance
Begin early stages of drafting options for the Band to develop its own sustainability plan; or environmental law or code using a phased-in approach with a view to legislated land management regimes; and/or protection of First Nation values and sacred sites
Special Projects (15% of time)
Must be able to assist in preparing applications for environmental projects for the First Nation
The First Nation has existing projects, and the candidate must be willing to assist in Project Team environment in delivering projects, such as Species at Risk, Archaeology, Land Use Planning, Traditional Land Use Studies and documenting traditional knowledge
Carrying out identified tasks or providing advice and recommendations to the Team; and delegating downward to junior staff as appropriate
Must be willing to make presentations to the community for community awareness and engagement and for other groups from time to time.
Willingness to sit and participate on external committees.
Working within the administration to assist in developing clear authorities for environmental decision-making; spills and emergencies; and community-wide emergency planning
Assist community in land code process
Reporting (10% of time)
Must be able to maintain some records of field work , activities and report these to the Director, monthly to the Environment Committee, and any other reasonable level of reporting that may be required (e.g. project funding, annual reporting to community)
Must be able to follow and adhere to lines of authority, especially in relation to spills, environmental emergencies, environmental enforcement etc.

Bachelor’s Degree (Required)
Work remotely:
On-site parking
COVID-19 Precaution(s):
Remote interview process
Personal protective equipment provided or required
Plastic shield at work stations
Temperature screenings
Social distancing guidelines in place
Virtual meetings
Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

To apply
Please e-mail your resume and a brief covering letter to:
subject: GoodWork posting for Senior Environment Officer