Water Quality Project Leader – Clean Annapolis River Project – Nova Scotia

Specific tasks may include:
Implementation of NI at two pre-selected sites (e.g. identifying contractors, sourcing materials, obtaining permits, constructing rain gardens);
Engaging all relevant stakeholders in NI planning and implementation processes;
The development of monitoring and evaluation tools (assessment forms, surveys, etc.);
Field assessments and data collection to support project monitoring and evaluation;
Planning, delivery, and evaluation of public engagement activities (workshops, seminars, etc.);
Coordination with the Education and Outreach Program Leader to identify themes for programs/activities, and develop metrics for program tracking and evaluation;
Conduct wetland assessments and collect data bi-weekly at two pre-selected coastal wetlands;
Conduct bi-weekly water quality monitoring at 8 sites along the Annapolis River;
Other activities as needed to accomplish project objectives/outcomes;
Other activities to support the CARP team as assigned.
Reporting Relationships:
The Water Quality Project Leader will report to the Aquatic Program Manager on matters specific to the delivery of programs/projects and report to the Administration Manager on all HR, contractual reporting deadlines and financial matters (e.g., travel claims, sick days, and vacation). The Water Quality Project Leader works closely and in cooperation with other staff members and in accordance with all CARP policies approved by the Board of Directors. The Water Quality Project Leader will have the responsibility of overseeing technical staff working on projects for which they are responsible and will work under the direct management of the Aquatic Program Manager.

Responsibilities of the Employer:
The employer will provide a safe and respectful work environment free from discrimination and harassment, meet the financial obligations to the employee in a timely manner and, within the financial capacity of the organization, provide the employee with equipment, materials and supplies to carry out his/her/their duties. In consultation with the employee, the employer will carry out a performance evaluation within three months of the start of the contract and annually thereafter at minimum.

Responsibilities of Employee:
The employee will carry out their duties described above in a timely fashion, conduct themself and ensure that those reporting to them conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow all policies of the employer and ensure that those reporting to them follow all policies of the employer.

To Apply:
E-mail resume and cover letter as a single document to Administration Manager, Susan Lane, at susanlane@annapolisriver.ca . Please use subject line “Water Quality Lead Application”.