Data Analyst (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) – Sustainability Leadership – Ontario

Do you have a background in data management and analysis? Are you sustainability minded and looking to contribute your skills in creating thriving, resilient communities?
We are looking for a Data Analyst to help us measure, analyse and report on emissions for our Sustainability Leadership Program (SLP). The SLP is a membership-based program that supports businesses in measuring, improving and reporting on their economic, social and environmental impacts, including their greenhouse gas emissions.

This position is funded by a grant designed to help newcomers to Canada find work that matches their experience from abroad. Candidates must pre-qualify for the Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program from ECO Canada.

Job Purpose.
With guidance from the Executive Director and reporting to the Program Support Coordinator, the Data Analyst is a key driving force in Sustainability Leadership’s Membership Program. The Data Analyst helps conduct data collection & entry for identified members, supports carbon accounting for the Member Inventory Reports, conducts analysis of SL’s event emissions and researches opportunities for emissions reduction and offsetting.

Duties & Responsibilities.
Reporting to the Program Support Coordinator, the Data Analyst will:
Conduct data collection for identified members
Update and analyse changes to emission factors
Supports creating Member Inventory Reports
Assist with the calculation of SL Event-related emissions
Assist with the calculations for the Annual Impact Report
Other duties as assigned

The ideal candidate will have a post-secondary degree or diploma in Sustainability, Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Environment & Business, or a related program. A strong interest or passion for sustainability and contributing to healthy, resilient and sustainable communities would be preferred.

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications, traits and abilities:
Background in or a strong desire to gain experience in data collection, data integrity and data management
Strong Excel/Google Sheet skills
Experience in research and report writing for business audiences
Attention to detail in data analysis and reporting
Familiarity with G Suite and similar products
Positive, optimistic outlook and passionate about sustainability
Self-motivated, works well independently but thrives on teamwork
Analytical, scientific in approach to problem-solving
Proactive, forward-thinking
Excellent communications skills – verbally and written
Excellent organisational and time management skills
The lists above represent the mandate of this role and the experience and abilities needed to be successful. We understand not all candidates will have all of the qualifications or areas of expertise listed. If you have approximately 75% of the experience and abilities, or feel strongly that you could do this job well, we would love to hear from you.

Interested candidates should send Covering Letter and Resume to by 11:59pm EST on February 12, 2023.