Solar Technician – Merlyn Power

Job Description
Shop duties
Housekeeping of shop space, vehicles, organization and cleanup
Shop fabrication work and assembly in support of project work
Preparation of job material, racking, junction boxes, wiring leads etc
Inventory management
Field work as solar installer
Working under supervision of lead installer providing assistance in
Layout of rooftop solar array
Installation of solar PV mounts and racking system
Setup of homerun wiring, junction boxes and bonding system
Installation of inverter and running of conduit/wiring from rooftop junction boxes to inverter
Commissioning of solar system, including online monitoring setup and handover
Installation of array perimeter guard
Assistance in service calls, troubleshooting and repair
Level 2 Project management and administration
Remote site analysis and system sizing
PV system tech support (via remote monitoring)
CAD drawing for system design
Engineering surveys for structural assessment
Single line diagrams and utility application paperwork
Preparation of building permit application packages
Communication with subcontractors, customers, local authorities and utilities.
Level 3 Development Work
Internal improvement – research related to improvements to installation work
new vendors, tools, installation processes
Marketing — designing and implementing new marketing compaigns
Special projects – In-house technical builds. Examples: LifeP04 battery build, pedal powered generator, solar PV/thermal, solar food dryer etc The potential list is endless!
New business development – online presence enhancement

Prior construction experience and aptitude a must.
Solar specific experience would be a strong asset but not required.
Valid class G drivers licence
Physically fit *
Working at Heights certification (to be provided if candidate does not already possess).
*The candidate MUST be able to handle the field work, and in that context must be great physical shape. The rooftop work is hard and at the same time technical, it is several trades rolled into one. We don’t generally install in winter Jan – mid Mar but any dry day above ~-2C and below ~32C is fair territory.

To Apply:
Applicants are asked to send a cover letter and resume to