General Manager of Software Engineering – Diaspark Infotech Inc.

Position Summary:
Diaspark Infotech Inc. is presently seeking a General Manager of Software Engineering to manage and oversee the software product divisions/departments of our Canadian, USA, and Indian offices. The successful applicant will be responsible for coordinating, managing and directing the development, customization and implementation of our unique proprietary software that serves the jewelry industry. International travel will be required.

Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or a similar field.
Minimum of five years of relevant programming/software engineering experience in a similar industry.
Experience managing/coordinating multiple worksites/offices
Experience managing teams of people with ability to supervise at least 10-15 people
Experience in retail management software is required
Experience with MS outlook, MS access, MS excel, MS windows, MS word, MS powerpoint, MS office, inventory control and database softwares required

Duties and Responsibilities:
Establish objectives for the software product engineering departments/divisions of the company and its international offices and develop and implement department policies and programs for Jewelry Software product roadmap.
Plan and re-allocate the additional resources needed for the software engineering team within the Jewel Division.
Identify gaps for various markets and create plans to localize features for those markets by authorizing and organizing the establishment of teams/departments in the company and its international offices.
Identify, recruit, train and oversee staff, including senior staff positions in the software engineering departments/divisions.
Approve hiring and firing requests within the division.
Guide the talent identification and development processes for a group or function
Allocate and oversee material and human resources to implement company policies and programs for the software product engineering departments.
Establish and implement administrative and financial controls.
Formulate and approve promotional campaigns.
Represent the company, or delegate representatives to act on behalf of the company, in negotiations with the existing and/or prospective clients for product augmentation.
Ensure clear understanding of the specifications by software engineering and quality assurance teams and manage these teams to ensure timely delivery of products and services with good quality.
Coordinate with user experience team to ensure usability deliverables coincide with the functional design time-lines.
Work closely and drive the sales team for market research and campaign planning.
Work across functions with peers in Jewel ERP and Promotional Product ERP to ensure collaboration for shared goals.
Work with other senior management and peers for strategy development and execution planning.
Facilitate goal-level creation for the functional teams and direct managers to ensure the goals cascade to all workers.
Plan and control the budget and expenditures of the Diaspark Jewel Retail product development and deployment projects.

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