Money Charmer aka Head of Development – Canopy –

Canopy is a nimble, fast-paced, results-driven conservation organization with a strong track record of success. We know that our planet is under stress and believe it’s time for change. We think 800 year-old trees don’t need to be used to make packaging, t-shirts or junk mail – and we’re committed to doing all that we can to keep them standing and develop smarter solutions. We love chocolate and playing charades. Working hard is in our DNA – as is having fun and being creative. Pragmatic and audacious, we are driven by a desire to produce results that are at a scale proportional to the environmental problems we’re grappling with.

Our Top 4:
Greening the Harry Potter book series and with it revolutionizing the way books are published.
CanopyStyle – Canopy’s work with fashion brands to eliminate endangered forests from rayon clothing is the hottest thing on the runway this season!
Conserving millions of acres of forest along side environmental allies and traditional communities – including the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements where Canopy helped secure 85% of this 15 million acre rainforest as protected or off-limits to logging
Kick-starting commercial production of Next Generation Solutions such as straw papers to revolutionize how paper, packaging & clothing is produced and their impacts on forests
Canopy’s Head of Development is primarily responsible fordeveloping, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive development strategy to meet annual revenue targets and organizational growth, development and effectiveness.

Do not hesitate to contact Josée at +1 418 575-9654 or email
Please note: between July 29th and August 16th only, you can contact Casey at +1 604 318-1134 or email

How To Apply in three easy steps:
In no more than four sentences, tell us how you can make this face release the money floodgates for our mission.
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