Project Manager, The Centre for Active Transportation – Clean Air Partnership

Position Responsibilities
Project Delivery
Develop and manage the next phase of TCAT’s suburban cycling initiative (2021-2024) to deliver bicycle programming at the community bicycle hub in Markham, expand the program within York Region, and open a second location in Newmarket.
Develop and manage other projects as required.
Oversee staff, volunteers, interns and consultants to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.
Create workplans and budgets and track progress and spending with staff and partners.
Develop evaluation plans, collect program data and report on results to funders.
Work with partners to determine opportunities for research on active transportation.
Design research methodology and conduct qualitative and quantitative data collection, including overseeing data collection teams.
Prepare research reports, articles, presentations and other documentation to clearly present complex findings and recommendations to diverse audiences (government staff, politicians, academics, the media, the public).
Maintain a working knowledge of the literature and emerging trends in active transportation and allied fields as relevant to TCAT projects.
Project Development
Assist TCAT Director in setting vision, strategy and priorities for TCAT.
Build partnerships and foster multi-stakeholder relationships (NGOs, government staff and agencies, politicians, consultants, etc.) for project collaboration.
Identify opportunities for research, innovation and new projects that advance TCAT’s mission, develop project plans and write funding proposals.
Deliver presentations and workshops related to TCAT’s projects and research to various external stakeholder groups.
Oversee staff, volunteers, and interns to develop content for a variety of communications channels.
Coordinate with CAP Communications Lead on alignment between TCAT/CAP communications.

Skills and Qualifications
Undergraduate degree in urban planning, community development, environmental studies, or related personal and professional experience (minimum). Master’s degree or post-graduate qualification a bonus, but not necessary.
At least 3 years project management experience with excellent track record of ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget.
Experience managing and supervising staff, consultants and volunteers.
Ideal candidate must demonstrate initiative, motivation and autonomy, possessing organizational skills with attention to detail and managing several tasks concurrently.
Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), with experience in research, report writing, or communications. The candidate must possess the ability to write for both technical and nontechnical audiences, with the ability to translate complex ideas for decision makers using appropriate communications methods.
Research and data analysis skills, with experience developing data collection methodology, collecting and analyzing data and drawing key finds.
Passionate about extending the benefits of active transportation more equitably. An understanding of sustainable and active transportation, and its critical role in creating environmentally and economically cities is an asset.
Excited by the possibilities of breaking new ground; adaptable and creative in exploring new ideas and solutions and pivoting direction in response as needed.
Experience in community organizing, group facilitation and/or motivating and bringing people together and building alliances an asset.
Experience in proposal writing for government and foundations an asset.
Excellent computer (Word, PowerPoint and other media); WordPress and Adobe Creative Suite experience an asset

To Apply:
Please email a single pdf file by 5pm, Friday, October 22nd to with the following subject line: TCAT Project Manager. This single pdf must include:

Cover letter
One technical writing sample (research report, briefing memo, academic or professional publication article, max 5page, excerpt if necessary to keep to page limit) or one non-technical writing sample (blog post, op-ed, community flyer, magazine article, etc.; max 3page).